Rain Drop Products

Refreshing the visuals for an established brand while still maintaining its core identity


Rain Drop Products is an established manufacturer of water play equipment for splashpads. As they are already well known in their industry, they wanted to focus on enhancing their recognized logo with new brand elements. Ectovox was tasked with developing fresh graphics and features that would complement the logo without looking too different from Rain Drop’s existing visual style. These new graphic elements would then need to be applied to a number of printed and digital marketing pieces in time for tradeshow season. The ultimate goal was to present a vibrant, unified aesthetic that represents the core tenets of the brand.


Ectovox began by reviewing Rain Drop’s existing print material and determining their imminent needs for an upcoming tradeshow. To get ideas for Rain Drop’s new visuals, we spoke extensively with the client about their products, values, what sets them apart in their industry, and what they wish to be known for. It was important that the new graphic elements were bright and lively, and that they paired well with the existing logo. With all of this in mind, we began to develop visual assets which we compiled into a stylescape. Using photography, patterns, shapes, colors, and typography, we built an aesthetic that is playful yet modern, and can be used in a variety of marketing media for tradeshows and beyond. After this direction was approved, we used what we had developed to design a catalog, table wraps, and a tradeshow tent.


Rain Drop now has a colorful and recognizable visual style that is distinctly its own and represents the creative spirit of the company.


  • Stylescape
  • Color Palettes
  • Icons
  • Copywriting
  • Print Marketing Materials
  • Tradeshow Booth Design
Case Study - Camp Aqua - Logo Final

Colors and Type

Ectovox began by brainstorming ideas for graphic elements that would create a unified visual brand. Rain Drop’s previous palette consisted of heavy primary colors. We developed a fresh, modern palette of brighter hues and several shades of lavender-gray. We also selected versatile typefaces that were easy to read and consistent with the mood of the brand.

Case Study - Camp Aqua - Logo Final

Graphic Elements

Rain Drop had previously used multi-colored, droplet-shaped graphics in their branding, and they requested a similar way to incorporate the new colors. We created a few “blob” shapes and wavy lines that are used to add pops of color to our layouts. We also use the shapes as photo or text containers. Since we kept Rain Drop’s original logo, we decided to incorporate its “drop” shape into other graphic elements in order to keep the existing logo connected. We used the drop to create a subtle pattern that we could use for overlays or backgrounds. We also developed stamps with circular type using Rain Drop’s various taglines, which can be used on their own or overlapping other elements for an interesting layered effect.

Stylescape Layouts

The Stylescape

Once we’d established the graphic elements, we used them to design a stylescape. This would serve to demonstrate how we intended to use the new elements. This consisted of several mocked-up layouts using Rain Drop’s existing copy and imagery. By doing this, we showed how collage layouts, photo overlays, and text treatments would work with the new aesthetic.

Case Study - Camp Aqua - Sketches
Case Study - Camp Aqua - Logo Round 1
Case Study - Camp Aqua - Inner Tube Mockup

Catalog Layout

Tradeshow Material

Although the new visuals will eventually extend to the entire brand, a new catalog and tradeshow tent were the first pieces that were needed. When the client was pleased with the direction we presented in the stylescape, we got to work laying out a 44-page catalog to showcase Rain Drop’s work. This involved photo selection, copywriting, typesetting, and arrangement of supplemental graphics. Designing the tradeshow tent presented some unique challenges. We had to be mindful of photo quality when printing large scale, as well as legibility from a distance. Bright colors help the tent to stand out on the tradeshow floor. Carefully-selected imagery and bold taglines help to immediately inform visitors. These pieces gave Rain Drop a reinvigorated presence at the show, and the new aesthetic can easily be applied to additional brand collateral.  

Case Study - Camp Aqua - Inner Tube Mockup