Serengeti Springs

Developing a themed brand for a zoo’s waterpark


Serengeti Springs in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, is a new waterpark built next door to the Hattiesburg Zoo, a beloved attraction in the community. While the waterpark is a separate experience from the zoo, it was important to maintain some common branding elements and expand on its African-themed area. Our client requested a fun and inviting identity that appeals to adults as well as children.


Ectovox began with developing the visual brand elements for the waterpark, starting with the logo. We then selected our color palette and fonts, and created several patterns in line with the theme. From there, the team created a stylescape, showing how the graphical elements we developed might be implemented within merchandise, advertisements, signage, and more. Once we established a cohesive visual style, we worked alongside the client to create African-inspired names for each attraction and amenity, designing unique stylized logos to further reinforce the entire waterpark’s theme. With graphical signage that can be posted throughout the park, Ectovox took every opportunity to showcase the Serengeti Springs brand.


Serengeti Springs will debut with a bright and friendly identity that appeals to all of its guests and ties in closely with the Hattiesburg Zoo. While the various attractions within the waterpark have their own distinct look and feel, every piece is consistent with the overall brand.


Color Palettes


Amenity Naming

Branded Elements

Signage and Wayfinding

Case Study - Camp Aqua - Logo Final

Concept 1

Concept 2

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The Logo

With the direction of an African theme, Ectovox worked with the project team to select the name “Serengeti Springs,” evoking a vibrant waterpark environment full of life. While it is connected to a zoo, the owners preferred not to use any kind of animal imagery in the overall logo. Experimenting with the natural aspects of water in the grasslands, Ectovox created a few brand concepts before refining the organic shape of a spring of water together with stylized foliage. The font is accented with a hand drawn tribal pattern and brings an additional color palette that is continued on throughout the brand.

Case Study - Camp Aqua - Logo Final

Final Logo

Final Logo - One Color Version

The Stylescape

The finalized logo gave Ectovox a headstart on creating some initial patterns and illustrations that could be extrapolated to create frames, borders, and other artwork. Having additional freedom, Ectovox also pulled in animal elements to more directly link the zoo to the waterpark in graphics and different marketing materials. Without having photography of a built waterpark, the brand messaging had to rely heavily on the graphical illustrations of the stylescape, so Ectovox used the patterns and colorful animal silhouettes to convey the theme.

Case Study - Camp Aqua - Logo Final
Case Study - Camp Aqua - Sketches
Case Study - Camp Aqua - Sketches

Attraction Naming and Additional Logos

The leaders of the Hattiesburg Zoo maintained a strong cultural accuracy within the different represented geographic areas of the park, which they wanted to carry over into the waterpark. With the specific African theme, Ectovox developed a series of amenity and attraction names that were influenced by native animals as well as Swahili translations. Each of these elements received its own stylized logo to further enhance its name.

Case Study - Camp Aqua - Logo Final

Lazy River and Play Structure Logos

Slide Name Logos

Case Study - Camp Aqua - Inner Tube Mockup

Food & Beverage, Retail, and First Aid Logos

Signage and Wayfinding

Within this compact waterpark, Ectovox used signage at every turn to reinforce the brand and give Serengeti Springs’ guests a sense of place. Each “exit” sign was designed using the elements of the stylescape, keeping a familiar logo top of mind. Within specific amenities, the signage stayed with the overall look and feel of that attraction.

Case Study - Camp Aqua - Logo Final

Slide Rules Sign

General Posted Signs

Splashpad Rules Sign

Case Study - Camp Aqua - Inner Tube Mockup