Rebranding the consulting company to explain its services and showcase its work


As a near-jack of all trades for its industry, Entertainment Project Services struggled with effectively communicating what it is that the company does. From complex mechanical modeling to theater/venue rigging design, the team’s expertise grew to service more than the niche of entertainment, yet there was also much that their clients didn’t know.


Ectovox took a research-driven approach to thoroughly define the company’s brand—using direct client feedback to shape its brand story as a problem solver and succinctly distinguish its service lines. Because it was referred to more often by its acronym of EPS, Ectovox created a distinctive wordmark for its logo concept that would carry across any market sector the company worked in. Along with a complete suite of print and digital collateral, Ectovox designed an entirely new, robust website that could communicate EPS’ services and showcase its portfolio of work through detailed project case studies.


With the launch of EPS’ new brand, the design consultant now has an identity and online presence that are fitting representations of the work they perform as problem solvers for some of the largest clients in the hospitality and attractions industries.


  • Client and Customer Interviews
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Research Evaluation
  • Color Palettes
  • Logo
  • Icons
  • Theme Story
  • Copywriting
  • Print and Digital Collateral Suite
  • Website
  • Brand Launch
  • Online Promotion Campaign

The Research

In addition to analyzing the competitive landscape, Ectovox began the project with a comprehensive study of the company and how it was perceived by its different audiences. Through phone interviews with several key clients, we gleaned valuable insight into their unique strengths that served to drive the messaging of their redefined brand. Moving forward only with the acronym “EPS,” the company could expand its market reach beyond Entertainment, while proudly owning the moniker of problem solvers.

Research Findings

The Logo

Transitioning from “Entertainment Project Services” to just EPS allowed the freedom to create an iconic wordmark that would help the company distinguish itself in a memorable way. Ectovox developed a number of different logo concepts that would help reinforce the brand image of “problem solvers” through visual cues of puzzles and mazes, while also leaning in to the technical aspects of their business as mechanical designers. Another consideration for the firm was how the new logo would appear etched into or fabricated from metal. The wordmark’s unique letter formation removed the need for a cutout, making it super compatible with machining.

Final Design

Spacing and Alignment

Laser Cut Test


Market Sector Icons


EPS faced hurdles with its communication at every level. Not only did the company need a simple way to talk about its services and capabilities, but it also struggled with being able to discuss its confidential project portfolio. Ectovox helped EPS narrow down its core business to six unique service lines, creating a graphical tag that can be used when marketing that capability. As well, by identifying and naming the company’s design process, Ectovox developed an in-depth case study approach for showcasing its body of work.

Service Tags

Service Tags Usage

A Cohesive Visual Brand

The combination of all printed and digital collateral items created for EPS achieved the company’s desired goals for its new identity: a cohesive visual brand that spread across all platforms. From business cards and letterhead to iconography and a comprehensive website, EPS now has the tools to effectively communicate with its customers and educate its audiences about the services they can provide.

Business Card


Email Signature

Window Decal