Camp Aqua

Delivering a fresh new identity for a glamping resort destination


The project owners wanted to develop a new brand identity that would appeal to the core market of RV/Camping guests but be broad enough to be used in potential franchise locations. Ectovox was tasked with developing a brand identity that would appeal to their core market yet feel obtainable. As it was a camping/RV/glamping resort, the logo needed to convey what the experience might be, but not be tied down to a single location.


Ectovox approached the project by thoroughly reviewing Camp Aqua’s existing assets and the client’s vision for the destination. Using consumer feedback provided by the ownership group, the team developed a series of logos that all appealed to a different aesthetic. While the ownership team represented a diverse group of perspectives, we helped refine their talking points and vision for the destination. By assembling mood boards with overall architectural and furnishing elements, Ectovox helped ensure the logo and branding package fit within the long-term vision to create a branded destination. Along with a complete suite of print and digital collateral, Ectovox designed a branding guide that could be used for potential expansions.


With the delivery of the logo and style suite, Camp Aqua can implement new branding assets for implementing on a variety of mixed media elements.


  • Color Palettes
  • Logo
  • Branded Elements
Case Study - Camp Aqua - Mood Board

Camp Aqua Mood Board

The Logo: Round 1

Working with this client meant that Ectovox had to combine the vision of three key decision makers who each had three different ideas for what Camp Aqua and its brand represented. Because the camp was located in Tennessee, one of the first concepts that was brought forward was to incorporate traditional elements from the 1800’s, celebrating the local history of the destination. The logo that resulted focused on traditional iconography with a flair based on classic printing styles.

Case Study - Camp Aqua - Sketches

Initial Hand Sketches

Case Study - Camp Aqua - Logo Round 1

First Draft

Round 2A

At the same time, one of the owners wanted to see the brand reflect their focus on creating a “glamping” resort, with the logo having a very clean, “South Beach” type look. Ectovox delivered logo drafts that would translate to their upscale, glamping resort and spa concept.

Case Study - Camp Aqua - Logo 2A

Round 2B

As a final approach, the owners asked to take a departure and develop a brand identity that was both modern (and would not limit franchise opportunities in other locations) but also friendly with more graphical elements.

Case Study - Camp Aqua - Logo 2B

Final Selection

Ultimately, the logo selected represented an icon that could be used in a variety of applications and match the theme of different locations. It also appealed to numerous demographics with its friendly typography and graphics. The new logo for Camp Aqua can be shared across locations and showcases the overall brand of the camping destination which is all about water, sunshine, and being outdoors.

Case Study - Camp Aqua - Logo Final

Final Design

Case Study - Camp Aqua - Logo Final Alternates


Case Study - Camp Aqua - Inner Tube Mockup
Case Study - Camp Aqua - Towel Mockup
Case Study - Camp Aqua - Frisbee Mockup
Case Study - Camp Aqua - Koozie Mockup
Case Study - Camp Aqua - Bag Mockup